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Better Work Tasmania Seminar 13

Seminar 13 Rural Sector

Rural Sector Overview

Better Work Tasmania Networking Session No.13 – Rural Sector 31st August 2017 – Presentations by John Clark (RAW) – Mental Illness: what to look out for and what to do about it’; Stephen Dowling ( Delivering Safe Production & Services)- Our rural challenge: overcome the stigma of mental health illness’ and Phill John ( Safe Farming Tasmania) – Safe Farming Tasmania – overview.

John Clark –Mental Illness:  What to look out for and what to do about it"

John will speak about mental Illness, signs and symptoms, getting help and helping others, things that work and sharing his personal experience with mental illness and the things which help reduce stigma and lower help-seeking barriers.

Stephen Dowling – “Our Rural Challenge: Overcome the stigma of mental health illness"

Delivering Safe Production & Services

In rural areas there can often be apprehension around help-seeking and a fear of the stigma sometimes associated with mental illness - particularly in smaller communities where individuals are more visible and confidentiality may be less assured  in rural settings.

Phill John – “Safe Farming Tasmania - overview

As part of its “cultivating prosperity” commitment, the State Government allocated funding for 3 years and established the Safe Farming Tasmania Program. It’s designed to raise awareness of farm safety issues state-wide. The Program has been a great success and at Agfest this year a 4 year extension to the Program by Minister Jeremy Rockliff.