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Better Work Official launch - April 2015

Official launch speech - April 2015

Richard Glover - Lion Group

Richard covers the opportunities that Better Work Tasmania has created for his and other organisations.

Richard Lowrie (WorkCover Tasmania Board)

Richard Lowrie officially launches Better Work Tasmania – an innovative, collaborative approach to support and improve WHS in Tasmania

Facilitated by WorkSafe Tasmania, Better Work provides PCBUs, WHS managers and others with a consolidated source of information and importantly a virtual meeting place to network, mentor and share WHS resources and ideas.

Key note presentation

Paul Taylor ( Director of The Body-Brain Performance Institute)

Paul talks about the importance of leadership in ensuring positive WHS culture and how this relates to safer workplaces generally.  Better Work Tasmania is very much about changing culture and leadership at all levels is critical to ensuring that this happens.

Cricket Tasmania

CEO - David Johnstone

David addresses how the modern business of cricket manages work health and safety.  David talks about the team approach and the various experts involved ensuring that players remain healthy and safe over the cricket season.

Menzies Research Institute Tasmania

Professor Andrew Palmer

Prof Andrew Palmer - Andrew was appointed Honorary Fellow of the Menzies in December 2008, and New Star Professor of Medical Research, Founding Chair of Health Economics in August 2009

Andrew and his team were recently awarded a grant from WorkCover to look into injuries to jockeys and he will give us an overview of their findings.  WorkCover has operated a grants program over the past 4 years.

An experience with injury playing football

David Wood

What a serious injury can mean to the lives of the individual and the family.