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Better Work Tasmania Seminar 5

Welcome Introduction Pamela Atkinson

1. Introduction Presentation

Introduction ( Pamela Atkinson – Snr WHS Consultant – WorkSafe Tasmania) Pamela Atkinson introduces the 5th Better Work Tasmania Networking event (Asbestos, Global Harmonised System and Workplace Carcinogens) and covers the milestones achieved over the 12 months since launching the Better Work Tasmania Program.

Paul Taylor

Global Harmonised System (GHS) – (Dr. Paul Taylor – Director Occupational Hygiene Safe Work Australia) provides an outline of the components, duties and affects associated Global Harmonised System ( workplace hazardous chemical classification and labelling system)

Dr. Renee Carey

Workplace Carcinogens –( Dr. Renee Carey – lead researcher Curtain University) – provides an overview of the  Australian work Exposure Study ( AWES) which indicates that the prevalence of exposure to carcinogens is quite high in Australia and Tasmania.  The AWES allows consideration of exposure by carcinogen type, occupation, industry and demographic factors.

Peter McGarry

Importation of Asbestos  (Peter McGarry – Asbestos & Occupational Hygiene Manager – Queensland Health and Safety) Peter provides an overview of asbestos use in Australia, key government agency involvement, relevant legislation, recent imports of asbestos containing materials, and the government’s rapid response protocol

Peter Davis

WorkSafe Tasmania  Overview (Peter Davis- manager Accreditation and Dangerous Goods Unit ) Summary of the  work activities performed by the unit and its statutory functions in relation to hazardous substance,  dangerous goods,  explosives and security sensitive substances

Lauren Jago

University of Tasmania – (Lauren Jago- WHS manager)- overview of the challenges faced by UTAS during implementation of GHS requirements.