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1. Getting started

There are two main areas to focus on when getting started – gaining management support and establishing a workplace coordinator.

1. Gain management support 

It’s important that senior managers are committed to the health and wellbeing program and have a clear understanding it’s aims and expectations.

The management team should also be informed about the need for a coordinator and any other resource requirements.

Senior managers will not necessarily participate in all health and wellbeing activities, but if they do, however, it will encourage other employees to take part. (read section 5 ‘Getting others involved’).

In a smaller organisation, management involvement is demonstrated easily through the business owner's open support of employees’ ideas for making healthy choices easy in their workplace.

2. Establish a workplace coordinator 

Identifying a workplace coordinator will help make sure there is one key person who can manage all health and wellbeing initiatives.

In a smaller organisation, this may be a motivated employee who coordinates health and wellbeing initiatives in addition to their current role. In a larger organisation, this may be someone who already has a human resource or occupational health role.

The coordinator will be better equipped to manage the program if they understand issues such as resourcing, communication, networking and the management structure of the organisation.

It is also important that an appropriate amount of time is allocated to this coordination role and that this is written into the coordinator’s position description.

It is important that this person has:

  • the support of management
  • a good relationship with the organisation’s employees, including the ability to handle disgruntled or resistant staff
  • a good understanding of health-related issues
  • adequate project management experience, and
  • the determination and perseverance to make it happen.