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Networks and mentoring


Talking with others and sharing your WHS problem can be the first step to finding a solution. Similar workplaces share similar issues, and this part of the website allows you to talk directly to other network members.

WorkSafe Tasmania facilitates two meetings a year, and members are encouraged to organise their own meetings and catch ups - online or face-to-face.

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Connect your small business (up to 20 employees) with mentors from larger businesses using the Better Work Tasmania mentoring program. Mentors provide advice and practical assistance about WHS, workers compensation and injury management.

You can also get information and assistance from workshops and online seminars given by specialist organisations such as WorkSafe Tasmania.

Where possible, small businesses are matched with a larger business from the same industry, however we have found that businesses facing similar challenges form successful partnerships, regardless of the industry they are in.

The program runs for approximately 8-9 months and includes:

  • an opening event for mentors and mentees to meet and receive an overview of the program
  • onsite visits—includes visits to each other's workplace where mentors provide advice and help develop an action plan.
  • discussions, workshops and webinars (on-line seminars), and
  • a closing ceremony where participants are awarded with a certificate of participation.

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